Tailor-made: now available to all!


Tailor & Custom-made clothes, which were very fashionable in the 50s and 60s, are back since a few years and this probably due to the development of the Internet, which made them available to every consumer.

These products, which were reserved for the wealthy, are now accessible to all. A bespoke suit that costs $ 1000 at a quality tailor can be bought today for $ 499 from online tailors.

Thanks to the developments of the information technology, the development of the internet, it is now possible to be your own tailor. Different brands such as Bliss Tailor offer you the ability to create and customize your clothes as you wish and make them tailor made to your measurements.

Tailor Made Shirt

Tailor Made white 100% cotton shirt: from 49€

In the minds of consumers tailor made remains something complicated, and taking the measurements is often perceived as being restricted to professional tailors. Today this is no longer the case. Most Tailors have online video tutorials and support means to help you easily take your measurements in a few minutes.

So why do without it? Why buy ready-to-wear clothes while tailor- and custom made is at your fingertips?

Until 30 June 2013, Bliss Tailor is organizing a contest and offers 100 shirts for free. The rules are simple: just create an account on the website of Bliss Tailor and take your measurements. You will see how simple it is. On June 30, we will pick 50 random people having registered between May 27 and June 30 2013 to whom we will offer two custom shirts. At your measuring tapes!